The Baobab Volume 4

Africa like other continents have had to go through the year 2021
under the ravaging shadows of the Covid 19 pandemic.
The negative consequences on economic growth and development
have been felt across the length and breadth of the continent.
Worsening the African plight has been the resurrection of military
interventions which have derailed democratic rule in several
countries including Guinea, Mail, Sudan, and Chad.
The ongoing civil strife in the Horn of Africa , in Ethiopia, poses
grave danger to the peace and security to the region with wider
That almost all the virtual conference held by the Council on
Foreign Relations -Ghana in 2021 focused on the various crises on
the continent is an indication of how crisis-torn the continent became
in the last year.
While appreciating the relentless efforts of ECOWAS and other
international bodies to resolve the crises, it is our expectation that
there will be renewed efforts by the international community,
particularly the African Union and ECOWAS to vigorously ensure
the restoration of democratic governance in Mail, Guinea, Sudan
and Chad.
The crisis in Ethiopia must be brought to an end . Issues of cybercrime, cross border terrorism need to be tackled and countered
Africa has too many economic problems which some of these crises
can only exacerbate and consequently derail our development
Finally it is our expectation that Ghana and Gabon who are joining
the Security Council will use their membership to mobilize the
support of the UN’s highest body and the international community
to promote peace, security and development in Africa

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