Government of Ghana Statement on Israel and Palestine Crises

Explanation of Vote (EOV) after the Votes on the Draft Arab Group Resolution and the Draft Canadian Amendment Condemning Hamas and Calling for the Release of Hostages “Ghana is gravely concerned by the situation in the Middle East, triggered in the latest instance by the murderous outrage caused by Hamas on 7th October 2023, in southern Israel, including continuing to hold as hostages those abducted, and the impact of the response of Israel, which has created a humanitarian nightmare in Gaza.

We understand the moral dilemma Hamas has created for Israel and the Palestinian people, but Hamas is not the Palestinian people, and we appreciate the recognition by Israel that its actions must be guided by international law and the responsibility to protect civilians. We have a responsibility as an international community to help end the heartbreaking tragedies that have brought tears, hate, revenge and a cycle of despair to those caught up in the violence visited on Israel and Palestine.

That is why Ghana has worked with other members of the Security Council, including Brazil as President of the Month, to find a consensual resolution in the Council that responds to the pain and fear of Israelis and the safety, security and well-being of Palestinian civilians. That is also why we think that out of this tragedy we must find the fierce urgency to support the two parties, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, to resume and conclude a peace agreement so that their two nations, Israel and Palestine will live side by side, within secure and recognized borders. We voted for the draft resolution submitted by the Arab Group, not because it met the comprehensive set of elements necessary for a balanced text; we did so because we cannot turn away from the unfolding humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip.

We cannot also ignore the real threat of a regional war, involving many actors, inside and outside the immediate theatre of conflict. And we cannot squander the impetus within this organ to seriously push for the resumption of negotiations on the two-state solution. We are pleased that we had the opportunity to vote on the amendments condemning Hamas and calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages held by that group.

Those who arm groups whose actions endanger the lives and statehood of Palestine must reconsider if that support is indeed in the interest of the people of Palestine. We call on all, including Israel, to take action to restore the authority and legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority. We are convinced that until the Israeli- Palestine peace treaty is signed, the goodwill of the Palestinian people is the best guarantee for true security. We call on Israel, as a gesture of goodwill, to declare a voluntary truce to enable needed humanitarian services to be provided to the people of Gaza and to give space to genuine steps that address its legitimate security concerns, including the immediate and unconditional release of the hostages and a durable peace. We equally call on those with influence over Hamas to encourage them commit to the peace negotiations and an end to the campaign of terror.

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